You enter into the restaurant and the chef greets you. You choose your seat at the kitchen balcony and immediately a waiter is focused in making you feel comfortable. You feel welcomed.

You choose your meal and you watch it being prepared right in front of your eyes. Gentle and steady moves slice the fish and prepare the rice you’re about to eat. You’re fascinated with their skills and dedication.

You taste the food that it’s beautifully displayed in front of you and it’s amazing. You feel comfortable and energized.

You pay the bill and leave the restaurant where all waiters wish you a great day with a smile. You leave the restaurant with a warm feeling in your chest. The afternoon is going to be great.

This is Experience. And a great one. It’s not just the quality of the food, it’s everything. You’ve lived a moment that you will remember the next time anyone talks about a great restaurant. You will remember how that made you feel good.

It’s quite simple what makes an experience so fantastic: it’s the time and energy that someone puts on you. You see, taste and feel that dedication. That’s emotional and creates a bound that’s unique and difficult to break.

And if you’re providing that experience instead of receiving it, you’ll feel the same emotional bound and greatness.



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